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Official Teaser

"Two officers discuss the upcoming Starluxe Gala and a troublesome batch of criminals."

Episode One: A Business Opportunity

"The crew of the Karkinos celebrates the spoils of a recent raid when the come upon another opportunity."

Episode Two: Last Resorts

"Cesa settles into her prison cell on the Karkinos, but the rest of the crew has bigger worries."

Episode Three: Typical Govie

"The Karkinos lands on Circos 6, but not everyone is so pleased with their release."

Episode Four: A Proposal

"Cap and Valzin go shopping while Cesa comes up with an idea."

Episode Five: The Matriarch

"Cap and Lutiga meet with an old acquaintance."

Episode Six: Two Backstories for the Price of One

"While Cap and Lutiga meet with the Matriarch, Medic, Valzin, and Cesa get to know each other."

Episode Seven: Advice

"With no invites, the crew decides against going to the Starluxe Gala, but Cesa decides to reach out to one more person for advice."

Episode Eight: The Lover's Planet

"After receiving some advice, Cesa puts her plan into action and the crew makes a pit stop at the Lover's Planet."

Episode Nine: Tupzloy

"Lutiga's situation has worsened and the crew needs that heist money. It's time for Cap and Lutiga to reach out to an old friend."

Episode Ten: On Watch

"The crew goes out looking for Tupzloy's missing watch, but turns out they aren't the only ones."

Episode Eleven: The Novitero

"After her outburst at a supposed stranger, the crew presses Cesa into giving her backstory about the man she calls a Novitero."

Episode Twelve: Tupzloy's Invitation

"The Karkinos Crew go off on another errand for Tupzloy while Cesa is invited to spend some time with the man himself."

Episode Thirteen: Uncertainty

**coming soon**